What is iParent Education?

iParent Education hopes to bridge the technology communication gap. We want to empower parents to keep children safe, connect with them through technology, and guide them to be good digital citizens. Parents don’t have to know (nor do they need to know) everything about technology, but we cannot afford to bury our head in the sand and hope for the best.

As parents, we are challenged by technology and the influence it has on our children. The constant connection to friends through social media or even a vlogger that share videos daily, often takes precedence over our influence.

Welcome to iParent Education.

We address today’s technology advances and trends in a language you can understand. We provides tips and tricks on how to better communicate with your tech child and understand what they are doing. We remove the question, “What are they talking about?”

We offer hands-on, classroom style, education that addresses the challenges parents are having in a distraction-free zone. Since we are experiencing the same challenges, we address what is important in the optimal time frame.

We keep it practical. We keep it doable. We keep it real.

Our Teachers

Jennifer Bilbro
Social Media Strategist, Consultant, Speaker

In one way or another Jennifer has been educating children and parents for her entire career. As a Science teacher, she began mentoring and advising students outside of the classroom. When she became a parent, she found herself researching everything from where to take the family for kid-friendly dinners to learning how she can keep her children safe on the internet.

What began as sharing information with her mom-friends has grown into two successful social media strategy and consulting businesses. iParent Education and Pink Bike Networking. And as if being the mother of two teenagers isn’t enough, she still finds time to run Out to Eat with Kids, a nationwide resource for dining out specials.

Layne Kipp

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Layne McCombs Kipp spent her time enjoying downtown Charleston while spending her summers on Isle of Palms.  When she moved to Colorado with her family, she always knew she would get back “home” to the Charleston area.  She attended College of Charleston where she was a member of the Tri-Delta sorority earning a Bachelors of Science and then a Masters of Education from The Citadel.

Layne has spent the past 20 years in the technology sales business managing teams of people and global accounts.   During this time, Layne has seen first hand the rapid advancements in technology and has enjoyed teaching people on different technology levels about the impacts, both positive and negative, technology can have in every day life.

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