Social Media Bootcamp

Social Media Bootcamp

Social Media Bootcamp for parents covers the most popular mobile applications used by children today. This high level course teaches parents what applications are most frequently used by tweens / teens, applications intended use versus how children are actually using them, safety concerns for each application and tips and tricks for monitoring your child’s daily application activity.

Is this class for you?

  • Ever wonder what your child is doing on their phone for hours on end?
  • Do you know who can see your child’s photos or videos?
  • Has your child blocked you from seeing what they are posting?
  • Do you know the latest trends in app downloads?
  • Are you concerned about what your child is doing on social media?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed keeping up with social media trends?

If you answered “yes” or “I’m not sure” to any of these questions, Social Media Bootcamp is for you.

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