Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is iParent Education?
iParent Education is a locally-owned business in the Charleston area designed to educate parents on how children are using mobile devices and tablets and how to keep them safe.

Who started iParent Education?
iParent Education was started by 2 concerned parents with backgrounds in technology, social media, and education. They both were curious and somewhat uneasy about the amount of time their children were spending on their mobile phones. I mean, “what does my kid do for hours on end?”  

Why should I enroll in iParent Education classes?
Parenting today requires that you understand what your children are doing on their mobile devices, who they engaging with online, and the best way to keep them safe. We are all in this together!

What classes are currently being offered?
Our course selections for 2017 are featured here. Please sign up to receive 2018 programming information in your area. If you are looking for a class outside of the Charleston area, please email

Do you offer private programming for groups?
Yes! Please email for pricing and schedule availability.

Do you offer programming for schools, churches, or civic organizations?
Yes. Please email for pricing and schedule availability.

Do you offer one-on-one consultations?
Yes! If none of the schedule courses work for you or if you just work better in an individual setting, please email for pricing and availability.

Do you offer iParent Education classes for kids?
Our 2017 class schedule is designed parents. Our 2018 class schedule includes classes for parents, classes for children, and classes for parents + children.

How is iParent Education different from other educational offerings?i
Parent Education realizes that parents are busy and must multi-task throughout the day. We offer hands-on, classroom style, education that addresses the challenges parents are having in a distraction-free zone. Since we are experiencing the same challenges, we keep it real and address what is important in the optimal time frame.

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