Call to Actio

I have said prayers for the safety of my children since before they were born. When I brought my first born home from the hospital, I distinctly recall how much safer he was in the womb than in the real world. Because I had some control. (and didn’t know what the hell […]

Digital Landscape Toda

Between my job, taking care of kids, keeping the house from looking like an episode of hoarders, and feeding my people, I barely have time to put on deodorant. Let alone binge watch Netflix shows. Never have I judged a mom who’s hair is in a bun or stays in […]

The Digital Era That We Know Toda

I distinctly remember when the iPhone was released in 2007. Not only was it a breakthrough in mobile technology, but it was the foundation of the digital era that we know today. Before the iPhone (and subsequently Android devices), we were  confined to a chair to search the internet and […]

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